Create a flower mandala Earth Altar step by step


Mandala earth artistry has changed my life in the most beautiful way. My mission is to share this magical ritual with everyone that feels the deeper calling to connect with nature, explore the divine through creativity and create the space to heal the body, mind and soul. In this very short 10 minute masterclass I will share with you (#1) how creating earth altars has healed my life, (#2) my personal story & how I discovered this practice and (#3) - we will journey together through the Step by Step process of creating a mandala in nature!

What will you learn in this course?

CREATE, HEAL & CONNECT through Earth Altars

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#1 - Become an Earth Mandala Artist

  • Rediscover your passions and purpose, tap into your authentic expression and access your creativity. Learn how to connect with the artist within and create beautiful, natural pieces of ephemeral art.

#2 - Heal your Body, Mind & Soul

  • Learn how to balance your mental, spiritual, physical and emotional health. Connect with your intuition, explore breathing techniques, practice embracing change and experience more flow. Express, process and move through your emotions. Quieten your mind, become present and feel more grounded.

#3 - Deepen your Relationship with Nature

  • Learn to connect to the Earth's energy anywhere, anytime. Honour natures elements (Fire, Water, Air & Earth) and connect to them within your physical body. Explore how to oscillate your heartbeat with the frequency of the Earth. Develop more self confidence and inner trust.


This is an SELF-PACED ONLINE course, so you can take your time and do it at your own rhythm. The content of the course is delivered in the form of text, images & videos.

This lovingly created course is a space where I have poured all the love, wisdom and knowledge that I have learned through my own experience of creating earth altars. I am passionate about sharing everything I have discovered, as these sacred natural rituals have the power to change your life - just like they have mine!

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1 - Before you begin

  • Welcome
  • Acknowledging the original custodians of the land
  • Foraging

2 - Creating your Earth Altar

  • Finding the right spot
  • Honouring the directions
  • Honouring the elements
  • Opening the practice

3 - Honouring the North

  • The element of AIR
  • Mental body
  • Bonus section

4 - Honouring the East

  • The element of FIRE
  • Spiritual body
  • Bonus section

5 - Honouring the South

  • The element of EARTH
  • Physical body
  • Bonus section

6 - Honouring the West

  • The element of WATER
  • Emotional body
  • Bonus section

7 - Using your Earth Altar

  • Closing the practice
  • Stay connected



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Earth Altering Testimonials

Read the experience of some of our students.

What do others have to say about the Earth Altering Course?

women retreat ceremony

"This course has enlivened a very important part of me and how I interact with life and Mother Earth. Creating Ritual with the Earth and art is deeply healing and this course has allowed me to bring my attention and intention to how I can cultivate more of this in my life.

The way Prue has created the course is easy to follow, enjoyable and inspiring. The process of Earth Altaring continues to offer me more connection, contentment, and vitality. It is a powerful way to manifest and align with my True Self and all that Is. Education on how to connect to the Earth and perform ritual for this sacred life is so important and this course is what is needed in the world."

creating natural mandalas
Evie-Sue Rustean


"The Earth Altering course is so much more than I expected. Reading the information is one thing but applying the process I can easily say will be with me forever. Since doing the course I have never before felt more connected to the land I am currently living on (Gadigal and Bidjigal tribes are the people who traditionally occupied the Sydney coast) I have felt the powerful correlation between the elements of the Earth and myself (a connection that seems to get lost all to easily in our fast pace living).

The practical guide has easy steps and can be done literally anywhere in the world, the wholeness I have experienced is priceless! Thank you Prue for creating this beautiful course - truly needed more then ever!"

flower magic ceremony
Chelsea Branson


"I have really enjoyed learning about Earth Altars from Prue. I love the way it inspires creativity, meditation and connection with nature and Mother Earth in a really effortless and enjoyable way. I love the infinite possibilities in which the Earth Altar can evolve with no fixed way, it is fluid and free. It is a beautiful sustainable art form and practice.

I have recently signed up to the online course which is such a wonderful self paced course to get anyone started on their Earth Altering journey! I would definitely recommend this course."


The Story behind Earth Altering...

´╗┐Earth Altering is a project that was birthed by Prue, who has been passionately immersed in this practice since her health was drastically compromised in 2020 resulting in some abrupt and unexpected life changes.

Her rapid and life threatening health decline triggered a range of intense and painful emotions that at times felt consuming, overwhelming and impossible to escape. At a time when she was in the depths of mental, physical, spiritual and emotional darkness she turned to the Earth for support.

Connecting to the Earth every day is a practice that has significantly helped Prue overcome the severe burnout in her physical body, process her emotions, seperate herself from them and make the necessary steps to move into more positive feelings like love, connection, gratitude, creativity, excitement, inspiration, confidence, pleasure and joy.

The personal insights and healing Prue has experienced from spending time in nature, creating Earth Altars, turning her attention inward to connect with herself and the natural world has been extremely profound and has been a vital part of her personal healing journey.

Through this work Prue hopes to help others deepen their relationship with themselves, feel more connected to the Earths powerful energy, promote healing, embrace change, inspire creativity, feel more confident to speak and live their personal truth, experience more freedom, joy, pleasure, self expression, connection, truth, integrity, authenticity, passion, purpose, playfulness and pleasure.

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"Earth Altering respectfully acknowledges the traditional owners and custodians of the land on which they create, live and travel. We honour First Nations perspectives and cultural narratives and pay our deepest respects to Elders past, present and emerging."

supporting indigenous tribes

$10.00 from each course sale is donated to

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